Category: Sport Psychology

Jed Milton only completed the triple backflip once in a foam pit, he then attempted this ramp only once unsuccessfully, and then completed this attempt. From your understanding of sport psychology, what sort of preparation was necessary prior to this jump? Consider Jed’s anxiety levels as he stepped up to the ramp after his first failed attempt. Discuss in class.


How do we view ourselves in our mind’s eye? Our self image is a self generated “picture” of ourselves which we usually carry in our minds and occasionally articulate.

Lance discusses some traditions/superstitions of cyclists. This video can be viewed considering sport psychology  and physiology. See if you can think of an ‘inter-relationship’ after watching this video.

Consider ‘pre-cometrition’strategies. Mental preparation is clearly a significant part in the training leading up to the events that these ahtletes participate in. (TT means time trials by the way).

Michael Jordan answers questions on his mental preparation before his games. Interesting that he admits to the fact that it is ‘near’ impossible to have a perfect game, but it is still a challenge to try and achieve one.

Have a look under ‘Strategy Planning’ in your course notes…see ‘Pre-competition strategies’ and consider what MJ says with reference to Mental Preparation.

Bevan Docherty has completed the swim, the bike and now nearing the end of his 10km run. What does it take?! Discuss energy continuum, anaerobic threshold, steady state, oxygen deficit, and choice of music.