Category: Exercise Physiology

Sunny Blende Nutritionist

Sports nutrisionist Sunny Blende discusses the ‘wall’, nutrtition, carb uptake, ‘little green men’ and other related phenomena related to ultra endurance running! Well worth a listen to develop your knowledge of Sport Physiology, Energy Systems and recovery.


Develop your understanding of fuel stores prior to exercise/competition. Don’t worry too much about the maths, but all the information is there.

Ensuring dietary intake post exercise is much more important than you think. (Dave Scott, do you recognise the name from recent video clips?)

Please take care to note the involvement of ATP and ADP in the process.



This video clearly describes both the structure and function of the heart. Familiarise yourself with the terminology used, it will be repeated continuously throughout the course, and certainly improve your understanding.

This video also discusses gas exchange, but has an emphasis on the pulmonary and systemic systems.

Here you can see an animation of how your working muscles get the oxygen required from the air…(please excuse the pronunciation of capillaries and alveoli)

Develop your understanding and terminology associated with the Oxygen Transport System.