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Sunny Blende Nutritionist

Sports nutrisionist Sunny Blende discusses the ‘wall’, nutrtition, carb uptake, ‘little green men’ and other related phenomena related to ultra endurance running! Well worth a listen to develop your knowledge of Sport Physiology, Energy Systems and recovery.


Preparation for Outdoor Leadership examination

Having become an influential folk/rock band after the releases of Solid Rock and Razor’s Edge, Shane Howard penned this protest song (under the name of F.River) against the proposed damming of the Franklin River for a hydro-electricity scheme. The anti-damming protests became so powerful that the Hawke Federal Government stepped in to stop the Tasmanian State parliament from going ahead with the plan. All this was organized by the Tasmanian Wilderness Society through the likes of Bob Brown and many others. The magnificent west coast of Tasmania is now protected as a world heritage area. Recorded in February 1983, it reached No.12 nationally, No.4 in Melbourne and No.15 in Sydney.

ATO Legal Database, the Commonwealth v Tasmania

The link above will take you to the Australian Government archives, and a full version of the ‘case’ is available.

Amateur botanist Antonius Moscal says that rafting down the wilderness of the Franklin River reminds him of the definition of God.

Franklin River 1

Franklin River 2

Franklin River 3

Bob Brown takes a rubber dinghy through some spectacular rapids at the head of the Franklin River in Tasmania. In voice-over he recalls his first trip down the river and the powerful impact it had on him.

Bob in the Franklin 1

Bob in the Franklin 2

Bob in the Franklin 3


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